Piotr Tamulewicz


Below are some projects completed during last few years.
However they are by no means the entirety of the catalogue of work.


Magazines - Print


Good printed magazines and brochures have always tried to interact with its end-user and offer valued returns for investors. The world has changed dramatically and so has the interaction of the humble printed material with its new and old audiences.


Magazines - Digital


I design magazines and brochures for print and online/digital - to direct your customer, connect your clients and enhance your brand.




I worked with anything that can be printed: from business stationery, newsletters, leaflets and annual reports to brochures, invitations, posters, presentation folders and exhibition material...




Great design requires an artistic sense and a practical touch. Your company's image and reputation depends on the look and feel of your products, whatever it may be from the list above. I have the experience and expertise to make all of your products look great.